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private patients

  • Have you always wanted straighter teeth?
  • Do you want to find and enhance your natural smile?
  • Would you like to boost your confidence and attractiveness?
  • Can you cut the cost of traditional cosmetic dental treatments?

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with the growth of the teeth, jaws and face. Orthodontic treatment is used to straighten teeth and to improve the harmony of your mouth and jaws. Orthodontists use fixed or removable braces to align teeth and to correct bite problems.

In the past orthodontic treatment was most commonly associated with children. And although treatment ideally starts at a young age, these days orthodontics can be successfully provided for adults, giving everyone the opportunity to make the most of their natural smile!

For adults, orthodontic treatment means that you can avoid extensive tooth trimming required for traditional cosmetic dental treatments, such as crowns or veneers. We can also work with your general dentist to provide the best result, e.g. braces can be used to move teeth to an ideal position before an implant or bridge is placed.

At Plymouth Orthodontics we can also offer the latest in aesthetic braces so that you can remain confident during your treatment. Your choices include conventional stainless steel braces, aesthetic braces using ceramic brackets, or almost invisible clear aligner braces.

Our wide choice of treatments means you can choose braces that suit your teeth, your budget and your lifestyle.

nhs patients

At Plymouth Orthodontics we offer both NHS and private orthodontic treatments for young people under 18 years of age. Under 18s can be referred by their general dentist for an NHS orthodontic assessment.

Since 2006, NHS orthodontic treatment can only be provided to children who meet certain criteria, which means:

  • not all children are eligible to receive a course of NHS orthodontic treatment
  • we can only provide NHS treatment for the more severe orthodontic problems
  • there is currently a waiting list for NHS orthodontic treatment

However, if your child does not qualify for NHS treatment or if your child would like aesthetic braces, private orthodontic treatment is available.

Private orthodontic treatment can offer:

  • a choice of the latest aesthetic braces
  • affordable interest-free payment plans

fees & plans

At your first visit your orthodontist will take time to examine you so that he/she can give you a clear explanation of what can be achieved. The orthodontist will also take time to discuss available treatment options, helping you choose what suits you best. Before treatment starts, you will be sent an individual treatment plan detailing, in writing, all the costs associated with your treatment and the payment options available to you, so that you will always know the full costs of your treatment upfront.

The cost of private consultations, such as your first visit, is £95.00. As a guide, orthodontic treatment for young people under the age of 18 starts at £2795.00, and for adults over the age of 18 it starts at £2950.00. All prices are subject to change.

Ceramic braces are ideal for patients who want the braces to be less noticeable to others. They consist of ceramic brackets, wires and clear elastics, which blend with the teeth. We use 3M Clarity Advanced brackets that blend with various tooth shades, making the braces hardly noticeable. Ceramic brackets are available privately.

INVISIBLE BRACES (Clear Removable Aligners):
We can offer treatment using Invisalign. This consists of clear, removable aligner braces that are virtually invisible. They can be removed for eating, drinking and cleaning and no-one need know you’re having treatment. The treatment involves the use of series of clear aligners, created with 3D computer imaging. The aligners are changed every 2 to 3 weeks, and gradually move your teeth into their new positions. Clear aligners are available privately.


We have invested in additional, premium PPE, extra equipment and implemented new decontamination and safety procedures of the very highest standards that all our practice colleagues and clinicians are fully trained in.

Consequently, when you visit our practice during the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ll notice a surcharge on top of the usual fees. This contributes to the additional investment now needed to ensure continued safety measures are adhered to. This may only be for a short time and is something we will be regularly reviewing.

Fees Detail

Description Price
Study Models £21.00
Orthodontic Consultation £95.00
Orthodontic Review £55.00
Removable Appliance Therapy £495.00
Fixed Metal Brace (both arches) £4,495.00
Fixed Metal Brace (single arch) £2,950.00
Complex Fixed Metal (both arches) £4,950.00
Complex Fixed Metal (single arch) £3,390.00
Child Removable Appliance Therapy £385.00
Fixed Ceramic (both arches) £4,995.00
Fixed Ceramic (single arch) £3,395.00
Portman Straight Forward £2,795.00
Portman Straight Forward Clear £3,295.00
Invisalign Comprehensive (both arches) £5,395.00
Invisalign Lite (both arches) £3,935.00
Invisalign Lite (single arch) £2,695.00
Complex Fixed Ceramic (both arches) £5,495.00
Complex Fixed Ceramic (single arch) £3,895.00
Vaccum Retainers (single arches) £50.00
Vaccum Retainers (both arches) £90.00
Hawley Retainer £90.00
Ortho Retainer (fixed single wire) £300.00

referring dentists

For NHS referrals, please use the following referral form and guidance:

Please note that we will only accept NHS referrals following receipt of a correctly completed form.
Referrals can be sent to us by post or via the following secure e-mail address:

Referral Form.pdf
Referral Guidance.pdf

For private referrals, please send a letter by post or via the secure e-mail address above.
Please include the following information in the referral:

  • Referring dentist name in full
  • Your practice name
  • Your practice address
  • Your practice contact number
  • Your practice email address
  • Patient name in full
  • Date of birth
  • Residential address
  • Home AND Mobile telephone number
  • If required, Parent/guardian/carer details, contact telephone number
  • Reason for referral with relevant clinical information
  • Please enclose good quality prints or JPEG images of radiographs taken

contact us

If you have any special needs or concerns about access to the practice, or suggestions about how we can improve our services, just contact us and we will be happy to help.

Find Plymouth Orthodontics Ltd at:

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Appointments are available as follows;

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Plymouth Orthodontics will be closed on Bank Holidays. If you need urgent brace care, please contact:

Plymouth Dental Access Centre
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Parking & Buses:

There is usually free street parking close by. Bus stops may be found directly outside the practice and nearby on Mannamead Road.

Accessibility & Disability Access:

There are steps leading up to the practice and due to limitations of our building we are unable to provide wheelchair access.


We can now provide treatment in Tavistock

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